September 30, 2023

You need tools that can withstand the harsh conditions of a building site, including dirt, rain, and other elements. You can depend on getting precisely what you need from a CST/Berger survey instrument. The items under the CST/Berger label are built to last thanks to their sturdy construction and demonstrated resistance to a wide range of extreme environments. This is why it is widely regarded as a preeminent producer of gauges and levels. Not only will we cover why you should use a CST/Berger laser level, but also some of the best options available and some frequently asked questions, keep reading!

Construction Tools Produced by CST/Berger

For precise alignment, leveling, and piping, contractors may rely on the top-standard instruments made by CST/Berger, which include survey equipment. Several options exist in CST/Berger’s product line. You can think of some of them by thinking of, for example,

  • Tripods and bipods
  • Optical levels 
  • Builder beam lasers
  • Auto-levels
  • Laser levels
  • Lasermark levels 
  • Metal locators
  • Rotary laser levels
  • Prism poles
  • Theodolites
  • Total stations 
  • Surveying prisms
  • Transit levels
  • Measuring tapes

These tools are more durable than their rivals and will serve you well for a longer period. Building, surveying, and other professionals have made use of both the SAL and PAL autonomous leveling instruments. These automatic builders’ levels designed by CST/Berger are lightweight, simple to put up, and straightforward to use on any construction site. Additionally, a compensator lock will safeguard the device while it is in operation. The CST auto-level is built to last, and its waterproof casing is only one example of its sturdy construction. Additionally, the manufacturer provides a warranty that lasts for five years. You can also get a rod and tripod with your CST Berger laser level by buying them as part of a kit.

Why Every Construction Expert Needs CST/BERGER Laser Level

The most precise measurements can be obtained by a thorough inspection of the work site. To top it all off, CST/Berger survey equipment is known for being of the highest quality and providing the most accurate results. The CST/Berger brand stands above the rest when it comes to laser levels and other land survey equipment, which is why the best names in home improvement retail carry them with pride.

The CST/Berger Rotary Laser’s precision makes it useful for a wide variety of leveling jobs, whether indoors or out. Moreover, its extensive reach makes it suitable for usage in expansive settings. The anti-drift function (which causes the device to power down if it has been hit or has drifted from the linear position) and the device’s rugged construction mean that even the harshest conditions won’t affect the precision of its readings.

Top 2 CST/BERGER Laser Levels

  • The CST/Berger 57-ALHVPKG Rotary Laser Level

For quick and precise leveling, professionals turn to the CST/Berger laser level, which is a digital horizontal/vertical self-leveling rotary laser.

The ALHV is versatile enough to be used both indoors and outdoors thanks to its ability to level across both the horizontal and vertical axes. The ALHV provides a wide range of options for improving beam efficiency, including speed settings, scan and spot modes, and more.

When the laser strays too far from the reference point, the Anti-Drift System (ADS) sounds an alarm. The diode in this CST/Berger laser operates at 635 nm and can output up to 10 mW of power.

Both the horizontal and vertical precisions are as follows: ±1/16 inch at 100 feet (1.5mm at 30m) and ±1/8 inch at 100 feet. The ALHV has a wide detection range of up to 2800 feet (853.4 m) in diameter. The CST and Berger lasers are also covered by two-year warranties.

  • CST/Berger 58-ILMXTG Green Beam Self-leveling Laser 

The CST/Berger 58-ILMXTG Green Beam Laser Cross Level precisely indicates the level and plumb with its self-leveling, high-profile green beam of light. It covers an area that is 110 degrees wide and stretches for 100 feet. The beams can be produced in either horizontal or vertical planes or both. Manual mode can be used to display angles, and the slanted window can be used to lengthen a vertical plumb line.

This CST/Berger cross-level laser is self-leveling to within 5 degrees, with a precision of 3/32 inches at 30 feet. To prevent inaccurate readings when the device is out of self-leveling range, the beams turn off immediately. The housing’s resistance to impacts also makes it sturdy and waterproof. In this manner, reliability and consistency throughout time are maintained.

The magnetic mount and 1/4-inch to about 20-thread base of this CST/Berger line laser make it compatible with the company’s magnetic laser tripod. It’s versatile enough for use in the bathroom, kitchen, basement, or anywhere else inside the house.

This laser line level has a battery life of 10 to 12 hours, is rechargeable, has a carrying case, and has a one-year warranty.


1. The CST/Berger Laser Level: How to Use It

Most CST/Berger laser-level models necessitate a tripod for stable, steady operation. Put the laser level on a tripod, make sure it’s on flat ground, and turn it on. The next step is to check the ground level with the laser detector and the measuring rod. To determine how high or low to set the grade, simply move the rod up or down as needed.

2. What is the Proper Way to Apply CST/Berger Steel Tape? 

You can get accurate measurements with the help of CST Berger steel tape, just like you would with a tape measure. Use a steel measuring tape of at least 300 feet in length to get precise measurements of a construction site, landscaping project, or other outdoor areas. There is no need to worry about the weather when using steel tape.

3. What is the Function of a CST/Berger Laser Detector? 

Use your laser detector in tandem with a CST Berger transit level to zero in on the ideal grade. Engage the laser level and mark the correct grade height along a lengthy work site using the laser detector. This gear is typically employed in the building and surveying industries.

4. In What Ways Can a CST/BERGER Magnetic Locator Be Put To Use? 

A CST Berger magnetic locator can be used to find boundary markers and perform other crucial surveying tasks. To pinpoint the precise location of a ferrous object, you need to first select a likely region for a marker, activate your locator following the specific methods detailed in the owner’s manual, and then listen to the audible tones.

Key Takeaway 

CST/Berger is a well-known producer of measuring and leveling tools for the construction and surveying industries. Their line laser can be used for both horizontal and vertical leveling in both indoor and outdoor settings. Aside from the time and effort savings, it can also save by doing the work of a second worker. You may take readings from anywhere within a 300-foot radius of the laser because of its 360-degree reference plane. Also, it is extremely precise, which is crucial in the construction industry. You can get precisely what you need with this CST/Berger laser level with a minimum of fuss. Explore their many options until you locate the product best suited to your needs.